i like you so much better when you're naked
Anonymous said:
hi jess i was wondering if you have read any book by john green (and if you had) would you recommend them?

Uh, I read a book that had John Green and David Levithan and that was really good. And I bought An Abundance of Katherine or whatever and I started reading it for like 5 pages but I didn’t finish it so idk man idk.

ALSO i have a new url so if you come of anon I can give that to you if you want~

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:
what is your new blog url?

come off anon and i’ll tell you~

Anonymous said:
are you no longer using this blog ?

Nope. I have a new blog~

Anonymous said:
... so should i unfollow this blog if you gave me your url?

lol yes : )

you know whats better than vaginas


okay not really but its a pretty close call tbh

wow my blog sucks all i post about is being gay

so now its about reclaiming words?

lol can i call myself a slut even though i dont actually sleep with who i want because i have no self confidence?

because I WOULD IF I COULD and thats what counts amiright

#22/100 pictures of Jessica Chastain

#22/100 pictures of Jessica Chastain

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